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Information required when applying for a super visa insurance Canada – Rai Rupinder

Information required when applying for a super visa insurance Canada – Rai Rupinder

Information required when applying for a super visa insurance Canada – Rai Rupinder

The Canadian government helps families annually by ensuring parents and grandparents have extended visits with their children or grandchildren through the Super Visa. It is a fantastic way for families to spend time with their dear ones and reconnect without worrying about their time in the country, like with a regular visitor visa. In order for parents and grandparents to be eligible for Super Visa insurance, they must adhere to certain conditions and requirements. One of the mandatory requirements is that they need to obtain medical insurance from any Canadian medical insurance company for your Super Visa application to be considered for approval.

What is Super Visa insurance?

Super Visa insurance is a specially designed medical insurance policy that looks after parents and grandparents from other countries when they come to visit their children or grandchildren by making sure their medical needs are looked after if they suffer from any medical condition or injury. As healthcare is not cheap for non-residents of the country, a Super Visa insurance ensures that the applicant does not have to pay an excessive amount if they visit a hospital in Canada.

Eligibility criteria for Super Visa insurance:

In order to get Super Visa insurance Brampton, the parent or grandparent must comply with certain requirements. Their child or grandchild must be a Canadian citizen or have permanent residency. They must also request that their children or grandchildren provide proof of their legal citizen status by asking them to submit a copy of their passport or permanent resident document. Additionally, they must also promise to support them financially during their stay in the country.

What information is required in Super Visa insurance coverage:

As mentioned above, one of the mandatory requirements is medical insurance. Before submitting your Super Visa application, you must have already purchased the insurance from any Canadian insurance company. The medical insurance must be valid for at least one year from when they arrive in the country and have a minimum medical insurance amount of $100,000. The insurance policy must also cover the following services:

  • Diagnostic testing includes x-rays and bloodwork.
  • The doctor advises prescription medicine after a medical emergency.
  • An emergency visit to the doctor, surgeon, hospital, including follow-up visits.
  • Ambulance services
  • Accidental death and dismemberment.
  • For serious medical reasons, emergency transport to the home country of the parent or grandparent.

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