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Visitor Insurance Mississauga

Visitor Insurance Mississauga
Planning a trip to Canada any time soon? Well, being prepared is key to ensure that you have a memorable experience. Ensure your protection with Visitor Insurance. Anything can happen when you are travelling abroad, from you getting sick to getting involved in an accident. These can lead to unforeseen medical expenses that can eat into your travel budget. Visitor Insurance is a short term international travel insurance plan that can help you avoid these unexpected and unwanted expenses. They are designed to cover any expenses due to unforeseen illness or injuries caused due to accidents that can occur when you are traveling in Canada.
Stress-free travel
Enjoy the best of Canada without the fear of unexpected medical expenses or financial stress.
Inexpensive prices
Visitor Insurance plans are relatively inexpensive and can cover any larger medical expenses.
Extensive coverage
These plans offers coverage for hospital visits, doctor’s appointments and pharmacy prescriptions.
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    Why invest in Visitor Insurance?

    Visitor Insurance Mississauga can provide you with peace of mind when you are visiting Canada. Here is how:

    • The Visitor Insurance plans are designed to cover any unforeseen injuries due to accidents or illnesses, including new and unexpected medical conditions. These plans offer coverage for hospital visits, doctor’s appointments, and pharmacy prescriptions.
    • These insurance plans are reasonably priced and require you to pay lesser premiums that can cover any larger medical expenses later down the line.
    • These Visitor Insurance plans are also refundable before or after the effective date of the policy. Please note that this is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective insurance policy.
    • Funeral costs are also covered in case of death while visiting.
    Visitor Insurance

    What does Visitor Insurance cover?

    The coverage offered by a plan depends on the type or level of insurance coverage you purchase. Plans usually cover:

    • New illnesses or injuries that happen during the trip.
    • An accident that results in an injury.
    • Emergency medical evacuation.

    However, most Visitor Insurance plans do not include coverage for preventative care services (routine checkups, physical examinations, and immunization shots), maternity and childbirth needs, vision-related services, and pre-existing medical conditions.

    Keep in mind that while most Visitor Insurance policies do not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, most of them do provide coverage for acute onset of symptoms. You will need to seek medical intervention within a 12 to 24 hour window after initial symptoms to assess your condition.

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