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Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance plans for customers in Ontario
If you are looking for a complete insurance plan which offers full coverage for the entirety of your life and also helps you in building your savings, then Universal Life Insurance is the ideal solution for you. Our lead Insurance broker Rupinder Rai will help you with the paperwork and the transaction. Contact us for further details.
Flexible plans
We don't want you to spend on what you don't need. You can discuss your requirements with Rupinder Rai and she can draw up a tailored insurance plan for you.
Professional team
We have a team of experts who can resolve all your queries. Also, our turnaround time is very low for approval and insurance processing
Lifetime coverage
Similar to Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance also offers full life coverage.
Estate planning
With this feature in this policy, you can protect your assets and pass them to your beneficiaries.

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    Why Universal Life Insurance Brampton is the right choice for you?

    Universal Life Insurance Brampton is an ideal solution for clients who are looking for a full Life Insurance policy and tax-free investments. You have the option to choose how much you can pay for your policy and how you want to pay for it. There’s also a cash value component that would be accumulated within the policy which you can access after your retirement. This could be used as an extra source of income. Also, you can use the money for medical expenses. Another advantage is, you can share the coverage between you and your spouse/partner or for other family members and you can contribute maximum to your RSP. For further details, get in touch with Rupinder Rai. She will be more than happy to help.

    Whole Life Insurance

    How does Universal Life Insurance Brampton work?

    Like any other insurance policy, the premium and the insurance cost is calculated based on your age, health, and other risk factors. After deducting the premium taxes from your monthly payments, we will deposit the rest of your premium payment into an investment interest account. You will select this account when you apply for the policy. This extra amount is known as account value and it earns interests and fluctuates based on the performance of your investments. In Universal Life Insurance Brampton, if you pay more than the minimum coverage amount your policy can be exempted from taxes. Contact our team to request a quote or to resolve any queries. 

    What are the benefits of Universal Life Insurance?

    Universal Life Insurance policy comes with an extensive range of advantages. Have a look at them below:

    • Whole life coverage: Once you apply for the policy if offer insurance coverage till the day you die. Which means that there is no hassle of renewing the policy.
    • Tax-deductible: As you know, a part of the premium is invested in the cash component of the policy and this amount will be completely tax-free. After your death, when your beneficiaries receive the death benefit amount, it will also be tax-free.
    • Flexible premiums: You can choose the policy limit and how much premium you want to pay every month.
    • Quick access to funds: You can access the cash component of the policy at any time you want which makes this insurance an ideal option for emergency funds.
    • Inheritance planning: If you have an estate you can add a beneficiary in the policy who will receive all estate assets after you pass away.
    • Single or joint coverage policies:  You can choose a policy for yourself and also for your partner, spouse, or family members.

    Universal Life Insurance

    Rupinder Rai can advise you on what type of plan would suit all your needs. Take the first step towards protecting your family, assets, estate, and business, contact her today.


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