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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance in Brampton Covers your Loss of Income

Disability Insurance provides a portion of income for working individuals who become ill or injured and are unable to work. we provide the best disability insurance in Brampton.  

Pay your mortgage
The insurance does cover your monthly mortgage payments so you don’t need to worry about being a defaulter and paying a penalty amount.
Emergency expenses
If there is an urgent need for cash, Disability Insurance can cover that as well. This is subject to the nature of the situation and the amount of money that you need.
Doctor consultation and rehabilitation
If you are recovering from surgery and have to go for doctor consultations and rehabilitation sessions, this type of insurance is the perfect choice for you.
If you pay the entire premium amount on your own, you will enjoy tax-free disability benefits.

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    What is Disability Insurance and when would you need it?

    Also referred to as income protection insurance, this insurance product offers protection against loss of income in a situation when you cannot go to work anymore. This can be due to illness or a sudden accident. The coverage period can be both long and short term and it can offer up to 60 to 85% of your regular income regardless of the type of illness or condition. 

    The short term benefit can cover from anywhere between 6-26 weeks to as long as 52 weeks. It can be used for minor health issues, accidents and sports injuries. Coming long-term disability insurance, the coverage period can be anywhere between 2-5 years and it lasts till the age of 65. This type of insurance is generally used for clients who suffer from musculoskeletal problems, severe accidents and more.

    It is advisable to opt for Disability Insurance in Brampton if you have a family to take care of and additionally if you have bills to pay, monthly mortgage premiums and daily living expenses. It’s one of the best solutions available in the insurance market to avoid any potential financial issues if you are ever bedridden.

    Factors that affect the cost of Disability Insurance in Brampton

    Age: Age is a major factor determining the cost of Disability Insurance. The younger you are the lower the chance of you experiencing a disability. In short, if you apply for Disability Insurance at a young age, you pay less

    Smoking: If you do smoke, then you may have to pay a high premium amount for your Disability Insurance. But if you don’t, you can get substantial health benefits at affordable premium rates.

    Health and occupation: If you have lived a healthy life without suffering from any Critical Illnesses in the recent past, the cost of your Disability Insurance policy will be low. The same goes for individuals who have high earning desk jobs compared to skilled tradesmen and manual laborers.

    I am self-employed, am I eligible for Disability Insurance?

    Yes, you are. We understand that many Canadians do not like the idea of a 9 to 5 job and starting their own businesses. We have customized Disability Insurance plans for self-employed individuals. All you have to do is show necessary documents of proof of income, that’s it. We will take care of the rest. You can contact Rupinder Rai to resolve any queries you may have.

    When it comes to insurance policies, Disability Insurance might be something that may not be comfortable to talk about. No one likes to talk about a Critical Illness which may affect your livelihood and income. But under certain circumstances when you are not able to go to work for the short and long term, Disability Insurance can help you protect you and your family from financial problems. Contact Rupinder Rai for further details

    Protect your family and yourself with Disability Insurance
    Whether you are looking for Short- or Long-Term Disability Insurance, we are here to help. Contact us now.

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