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Save for your financial future with TFSA: Tax Free Savings Account
Since its introduction in 2008, Tax Free Savings Account has been widely popular amongst young Canadians who want to start saving for their future early. Not only young adults but anyone who wants to save something extra in a month can opt for the account. To find out more, contact Rupinder Rai. She serves clients in Ontario and the surrounding areas.
The investments that you make in this account will be exempted from income taxes.
Withdraw anytime
You can withdraw at any time and all the withdrawals are also tax-free
An account for all
From 18-year-olds to all, anyone can open a TFSA account.
Deposit extra pension income
You can deposit your surplus RIF or pension income in your TFSA account.

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    What to know about TFSA?

    Well TFSA in Brampton is a specific type of account where you can set money aside in eligible investments. These investments could be exchange-traded funds, stocks, bonds, and much more. You can choose any option and it can be a combination as well.  As you invest in the account the interest, dividend and capital gains that you earn would be tax-free for life. You can withdraw at any time you can and the withdrawn amount would also be tax-free. There is an annual contribution limit in the account and as per the latest update, you can contribute up to $6000 (2020). If you over contribute to your account, a 1% tax would be imposed on the excess contribution. 

    What is a TFSA?

    Anyone who is 18 years old and above can open this account. You can withdraw the funds at any time and use them on anything. You can use it for emergency expenses, for education or for a vacation- the choice is yours.

    The contribution limit for TFSA is not prorated in a year if the account holder  

    • Is turning 18 years
    • Becoming a resident or a non-resident of Canada
    • Or passes away.

     Get in touch with Rupinder Rai for further details. 

    What happens to my TFSA account when I die?

    In the case of your untimely death, if you have nominated a beneficiary for your TFSA account that the amount would be transferred to their account. This holds the same for partner, spouse, and children if there is no successor holder. The amount would remain sheltered from taxes. 

    However, at the time of your passing away if your TFSA account had excess contributions and if the same amount is transferred to another’s TFSA account, they will have to pay the 1% tax on the excess contribution. Check tru medical.

    TFSA vs RRSP

    Although you can contribute more towards your RRSP account within a financial year, the contributions that you make are tax-deductible when you withdraw which makes TFSA in Brampton a better investment option. Also, withdrawals cannot be re-contributed in subsequent years.

    All-in-all TFSA in Brampton can help you save for your future, achieve your financial goals faster, and assists you in avoiding a financial crisis. You can consult with Rupinder Rai before you open an account. She can advise you on what to and how much to invest so it doesn’t create a financial strain on your monthly budget.

    Reduce taxes on your investments
    TFSA in Brampton can be used to protect your investments that can be taxed at higher rates. For more details, call us now. If you wish to invest in a TSFA or need more information about the benefits of investing in a TFSA, get in touch with us now.

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