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About Rupinder Rai

Rupinder Rai is qualified and professional insurance advisor. She has been offering valuable advice and guidance regarding insurances to customers for many years. She specialises in all aspects of insurances such as the documents required, applicable liabilities and much more. You can rely on her to guide you every step of the way and suggest a suitable insurance plan. Over the years she has gained an enviable reputation in the neighborhood for offering trusted and reliable insurance solutions.

Whether you are planning to invest in a life insurance plan or are looking for disability insurance solutions, she has got you covered.

Our Services

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance Brampton provides you coverage against life-threatening diseases. Treating such illnesses is not only emotional, stressful and challenging, but it can also be financially draining. By investing in Critical Illness Insurance, you can pay for hospitalization, doctor visits, medical expenses and post-treatment care with ease. We offer Critical Illness Insurance in Brampton plans at great prices.

Term Life Insurance

If you are thinking of applying for Life Insurance then a Term Life Insurance policy may be an ideal choice. You might be thinking, “If I am taking up life insurance, why not apply for a permanent policy?” Well, you can do that, but even if you apply for a Term Life Insurance policy you will be getting the same benefits, there is no difference but in the cost. Compared to permanent Life Insurance policies, Term Life Insurance is much more affordable.

Disability Insurance

Also referred to as income protection insurance, this insurance product offers protection against loss of income in a situation when you cannot go to work anymore. This can be due to illness or a sudden accident. The coverage period can be both long and short term and it can offer up to 60 to 85% of your regular income regardless of the type of illness or condition.


A Registered Education Savings Plan Brampton is an investment option that helps you save for the future of your child’s secondary education. You can rely on us to offer quality advice regarding RESP. Our team understands that children’s education is expensive and can cause a serious dent in your savings. It is essential to invest in an RESP in Brampton account, this helps you ease the burden of paying for their education in the future.


Money may not be an issue when one isemployed and has a regular source of income to buy things he wants, however after one’s retirement, there will be no source of income. This may make life difficult and make you unable to enjoy your retired days. That is why it is essential to invest in a Registered Retirement Savings Plan in Brampton. An RRSP account will help you live your life comfortably.

Super Visa

Super Visa Insurance Brampton has gained wide popularity since its introduction by the government. What it does is, it grants your parents and grandparents to stay in Canada for a maximum of 10 years. Earlier with a normal Visa, the renewal period was for a visa only 6 months and the overall process of renewal as we know is very cumbersome. Super Visa Insurance has done away with this rule with relaxed it to 2 years.


With The Experience Comes Excellence.

Rupinder Rai is a reliable and reputable Insurance Broker offering quality advice regarding insurance policies a company that helps. Whether you are planning to invest in an RESP account or are looking for Disability Insurance solutions, our team has got you covered.

Professional Staff

All our staff is professional, with years of experience in the insurance industry.

24/7 Services

We provide 24/7 services. You can rely on us to assist you with all aspects of your insurance solutions.


Over the years our staff has successfully helped thousands of customers make informed and wise choices regarding their investments and insurance.

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