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Visitor Insurance Brampton

Visitor Insurance Brampton

Visitor Insurance Brampton

Enjoy travelling without worrying about medical expenses or finances. No one wants the stress of paying for a trip then having it canceled,  or losing some important luggage, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could get it reimbursed? This is where Visitor Insurance comes in.

 What Is Visitor Insurance?

Visitor Health Insurance, or visitor medical insurance, is a short-term travel insurance policy, specifically for visitors to any country. It is purchased to have protection for events such as sickness or illness that may occur during the stay in a host country. This type of insurance is perfect for those who plan to travel and only stay temporarily, up to one year. You do not need to be insured under a Canadian government health insurance plan. When it comes to age, you can be 15 days old to 89-years-old.

 What Does Visitor Insurance Cover?

Visitor insurance covers emergency health and medical costs, financial and other losses while visiting.

The medical part of the policy covers more than just general sickness, it covers dental emergencies, accidental injuries, hospitalization, and prescribed drugs. It also covers trip cancellations, trip interruption, delays, evacuation, lost, stolen or damaged luggage.

This type of travel insurance often covers more than your regular life insurance does while visiting abroad. Sometimes the coverage we originally have is limited or doesn’t have full emergency coverage.

How Does Visitor Insurance Work?

Visitor insurance is a type of insurance policy. It reimburses you when you have experienced a financial loss, experience illness or accident, or file a claim. Your policy will explain what is covered. You must submit proof of the claim, for example, to Rupinder Rai. It is then verified. Following verification, you are reimbursed.

You can buy visitor insurance coverage at any time, before or after you arrive. If you buy it after your arrival, there is a 48 hour waiting period. You can extend your coverage, but it is better to do so before it expires. This will allow you to have continuous coverage. You do not need to get a medical to purchase Visitor Insurance.

When you get Visitors Insurance, you can enjoy your trip with the confidence of having financial security for whatever can happen. There are many affordable policies available and it’s worth your time to check them out. Speak to your trusted insurance broker today. Contact Rupinder Rai to answer any questions regarding this special travel insurance.

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