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Going abroad? Have you applied for Travel Insurance? If not then consider doing so. More and more Canadians face a financial crisis overseas because of not having Travel Insurance Brampton. It can be for anything from a medical emergency or your trip getting cancelled. You don't need to spend extra just get back home where insurance can take care of it. Contact Rupinder Rai for Travel Insurance today.
Emergency Expenses
All financial and medical emergency expenses are covered
Trip Cancelled
Not to worry, the insurance company will cover for what you have paid till now.
Tailored Insurance Plan
Insurance plans which are specific to your requirements
Feel free to get in touch with Rupinder Rai and get them resolved today!

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    A little bit about Travel Insurance Brampton

    You might be asking, that you already have Life Insurance, wouldn’t that cover any emergency expenses abroad. Well, some of the policies do offer coverage but it has its restrictions and you might have to pay out-of-pocket. Travel Insurance Brampton is an exclusive policy that covers all types of emergency expenses during your trip abroad. Whether it’s a medical or financial issue, if you have this policy, you won’t have to worry about anything FlyBy Aviation Academy.

    To give an example, hospitalization in Sout-East Asia can $800 a day whilst an emergency medevac from the States can cost anywhere in-between $75,000-$80,000. That is an enormous amount of money for a trip which could’ve been covered in much less. If you have Travel Insurance Brampton, all these expenses would be covered by the insurance company and you will have complete peace of mind. Get in touch with Rupinder Rai and apply for Travel Insurance Brampton before you go on that holiday.

    Multi-trip insurance is also covered in the Travel Insurance Plan
    This is an all-inclusive package where all of the above-mentioned benefits are included and it comes with a validity of one year. This means you won’t have to for new insurance every time you go abroad making this an ideal choice for business professionals.

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