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How does visitor insurance work?

How does visitor insurance work?

How does visitor insurance work?

Every person apart from permanent residents of the country and Canadian citizens must apply for visitor insurance as healthcare is not free and it is expensive. If you plan on just visiting, it is compulsory for you to purchase visitor insurance to ensure you have a stress-free stay. This insurance policy is designed for visitors to Canada to protect them in the event of an unforeseen medical emergency during their stay. The coverage includes visits to the doctor, prescription medication, emergency transportation, medical expenses and hospitalization. If you are looking to travel to Canada ensure you buy visitor insurance before you travel.

How does visitor insurance work?

For example, if you have fallen sick or have broken your hand or leg and need to the transferred to the nearest medical center, a visitor insurance policy will cover the above. However, it is based on the level and coverage type opted by the policyholder to determine what is included and excluded from the plan.

A visitor insurance policy covers illnesses, sicknesses, injuries, emergency medical assistance, repatriation, surgery, and much more. It is recommended to do your research and understand every detail, as each plan is different. Bear in mind, visitor insurance plans do not cover cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, maternity care, and treatment for any pre-existing medical conditions.

For one to purchase visitor insurance, they must:

  • Have a valid passport
  • Be in good health
  • Have no immigration-related and criminal charges
  • Not persuade an immigration officer that they have ties such as a job, home or financial assets in Canada.
  • Have enough proof of funds to stay in the country
  • Convince the immigration authorities that they will leave the country before the insurance expires.

Why is it important to buy visitor insurance when visiting Canada?

A trip to Canada should be an experience that you cherish. If an unexpected medical emergency happens, it could set you back thousands of dollars per day in medical expenses that will not be covered by the country’s public healthcare system. Furthermore, a visitor insurance policy can offer financial relief and give you peace of mind during your stay, knowing that you are covered medically and financially for any unexpected medical expense.

Who can apply for visitor insurance for a trip to Canada?

1. Students

International students who are looking to attend school in Canada may require the protection of a visitor insurance plan. Most colleges and universities provide access to extended medical care through their group benefit plans. However, coverage may be only in effect during the school year.

2. Foreign workers with a valid work permit

Those visiting the country for work will not be eligible for public healthcare and therefore should have a visitor insurance policy to cover their medical needs.

3. New residents

New residents of the country who are considering staying permanently will require medical insurance while they are being considered for publicly funded government healthcare.

4. Grandparents and loved ones

For loved ones visiting Canada on a regular visitor visa or super visa, it is important to purchase visitor insurance for the duration of their stay. Speak to a member of our team to find out more information.

5. Canadian residents who have spent a long time away from the country

If you have spent more than six months outside the country, there is a high possibility that your Canadian-issued government health insurance may have lapsed. You might need to wait at least six months after your return to once again be eligible for public healthcare. In the meantime, you can purchase a visitor insurance plan to be secured medically.

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