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Apply for Super Visa Insurance Mississauga without any hassle
Smooth documentation
All the paperwork would be taken care of by Rupinder Rai and her team. You just have to submit the necessary documents, that’s it!
Friendly team
We have a friendly team who can oversee the entire process so it can be done quickly, resolve any queries you might have and help you get the policy issued by the Canadian government.
Emergency expenses
You don’t need to worry about them, any type of emergency expenses during your parents/grandparent’s stay would be covered in the policy.
Tailored plans
Discuss your policy requirements with Rupinder Rai and she can tailor a plan which will meet all your needs.

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    No more running around the Visa office

    If your parents or grandparents are staying abroad you must know the hassle of visa renewals. With a normal visa, they can only stay with you for 6 months at a stretch and then you would have to run around to extend the stay. Not to mention that the visa itself is valid only for 2 years. Well, Super Visa Insurance takes care of that problem. It is a multiple-entry visa specially made for parents and grandparents living abroad by which they can stay with their family for a longer period (2 years at a time). The visa itself is valid for 10 years. So, with this policy, you can expect all of your family together this holiday season, without worrying about visa renewals. Call Rupinder Rai for more details about Super Visa Insurance Mississauga.

    Before you apply for the visa

    Both your family member needs to submit some documents and declare some matters so the over process can go smoothly 

    Your parents/grandparents need to declare

    • Their reason for the visit
    • If they have medical insurance with a Canadian insurance agency of $100,000 valid for at least a year
    • The economic and political status of their home country as well as their relationship with the same.
    • Whether they passed the IME (Immigration Medical Examination)

    The documents that you have to submit are:

    • Proof of Canadian citizenship
    • Proof of employment and payslips
    • Notice of assessment or T4/T1 of the recent tax year
    • Proof that you can financially support your parents and grandparents

    Once you’ve submitted all the necessary documents it’s just a matter of time for the Super Visa Insurance to be approved. To resolve any queries you may have on the Super Visa Insurance plan, you can contact Rupinder Rai now. She will more than happy to resolve them.

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    Why should you contact Rupinder Rai for Super Visa Insurance in Mississauga?

    Well, that may look like a confusing question cause at present you may think that there are many options in the market, and all of them will have some of the other unique USPs. Well before you contact anyone else, you should know that most of Rupinder Rai’s customers come from the mouth of recommendations from her previous satisfied clients. That’s should tell you that she has built quite a reputation over the years. She has a strong network of reputable partners who can process your Super Visa Insurance form as quickly as possible. And all that at a very affordable price. Contact Rupinder Rai today for Super Visa Insurance Mississauga and help your dear ones stay in Canada without any hassle.

    Why Super Visa Insurance Mississauga is worthy?
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