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Invest in your child’s future by investing in RESP
As parents, you would want your children to have the best in higher education. That means studying in one of the best universities in the country. However, in recent years education costs in Canada have increased rapidly. That might make you worry a bit but if you open an RESP account, you won’t have to worry about costs. Contact Rupinder for all the details, schedule an appointment today! She serves clients across Mississauga
Comprehensive knowledge
Rupinder can fill you in with all the details of this type of investment so you what you are contributing to.
Government Grant
The Canadian government will contribute 20% of your contributions towards the account as a grant.
All contributions made towards RESP are sheltered from taxes. You won’t have to file them.
Anyone can contribute
Parents, guardians, relatives- anyone can contribute to this type of investment.

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    Start saving for child’s future

    And you can start doing that by opening an RESP account. It’s as simple as that. You might be asking how. Well in a year you can contribute a maximum of $2500 to the account and the government will also pitch with a 20% grant of your contributions. Now if you are contributing every year then by the time your child is ready for college the total saved amount can cover the total education costs. And sometimes, there are extra savings as well. Also, your relatives can also contribute to an RESP account. If you want to know more, schedule an appointment with Rupinder in Mississauga.

    The benefits of RESP:

    Have a look at the range of advantages you get if you invest in RESP: 

    • The account is eligible for government grants and incentives
    • Investment income generated via RESP is tax-sheltered 
    • You can decide how much to withdraw and when (flexible options)
    • Education funds for your child/children when they need it
    • Complete peace on college education funds for your child

    Wondering what happens if the RESP account expires?

    Here’s a brief on what would happen if your RESP account expires

    • Any contribution received from the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) or Canada Learning Bond (CLB) will be returned to the Canadian government
    • All personal savings would be returned to the account holder
    • You can receive the interest amount if you fulfil the following criteria
      • You have to be a permanent resident of Canada
      • The account should be more than 10 years old
      • All beneficiaries should be at least 21 years old and they should not be eligible for Educational Assistance Payment (EAP)
    Choose the right type of RESP
    For further details on RESP, contact Rupinder Rai today. She offers her service to clients across Mississauga.

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